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Hi, I'm Adriana and welcome to my blog. I am an Annapolis, MD based wedding planner. Stop by and stay a while to see some of my fun and heartfelt weddings, editorials, planning tips, and more!

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It’s engagement season! This is a time of pure excitement, which also comes along with the “Now we have to plan this thing…” statement. Followed by “Where do we begin?” and so many more unanswered questions. For some, the answer is so clear that they need a planner before anything. For others,the idea of a […]

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2016 in review

January 4, 2017

This past year was one of the busiest for me, and one of the most exciting as I saw my business grow tremendously in so many ways. Not only that, but I saw my couples grow from two individuals to one all while their visions and dreams came to life on their wedding day. It […]

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I am so excited to share with you all the excitement that happened last Friday when Zak asked Olivia to be his wife! But first, a little back story. Zak and my husband Kevin have been friends since they were on their college soccer team together back at Bridgewater College. After a little while, Zak […]

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I have been asked a hand full of times in the past month about how exactly I pull together so many shoots, so today I am sharing some of my tips to planning a successful shoot! I love styled shoots for a number of reasons, but in order for them to be beneficial for all involved […]

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AME Grand Opening

April 18, 2016

Last week was one of the best weeks I have ever, EVER had! It started off with an incredible workshop on Monday with Intrigue Dersigns and ended with the grand opening of the AME studio where I got to welcome all my family and friends into the little home of Adriana Marie Events. Located within […]

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So, when I was away in California I fully intended on posting this sweet show on the blog for your but God seemed to be telling me to relax and made the WIFI not work everywhere we went. HA! A week late but I just had to share these photos with you by Laura’s Focus […]

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The past few weeks have been full with wedding season prep, meeting with my sweet couples, styling amazing editorial shoots, learning from other wedding pros, and most of all full of changes. Every now and then I have to step back, look outside of the box and really think about the WHY behind AME. It all started […]

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The reality of planning a wedding when it comes to numbers is sometimes a hard one to grasp. Lets be honest here, weddings are expensive! I have shared a few times on why a planner is important and why every bride should have one, but I am going to go out on a limb here and […]

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I have always admired calligraphy, even at a young age I would love writing my name in different ways. It really is a form of art! I have been wanting to truly learn calligraphy for a while now, and when Emily with Anchor Point Paper Co. asked me to plan a workshop with her I […]

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Trendy or Traditional?

January 8, 2016

Remember when you were a little kid flipping through your parents wedding album thinking it was the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? Well, that’s what we like to think back on and believe, right? But now that you have a better sense of reality, if you looked at them now you probably say “holy cow […]

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