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Hi, I'm Adriana and welcome to my blog. I am an Annapolis, MD based wedding planner. Stop by and stay a while to see some of my fun and heartfelt weddings, editorials, planning tips, and more!

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Spring and Fall often get the spotlight when it comes to the beauty of a wedding. But there is so much beauty in a Winter wedding that I sincerely love! Soft cool air, lush greens, moody merlot tones are just a few of them. This editorial was inspired by the soft green and white tones […]

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Back in January, Kate Ann Photography asked me to collaborate and bring a vision of hers to life she had been dreaming of for quite some time. She wanted to bring the style of Florence from Florence and the Machine to the wedding world and I couldn’t wait to bring this vision to life. Now […]

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Sometimes the spontaneous, last minute ideas turn into the best ones yet. Caitlin with CJK Visuals and I collaborated on this little shoot while she was miles high in the sky flying back home from one of her many trips over seas, and it turned into a such a dream! Planned in just 2 days, […]

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Yesterday this shoot was featured on the oh so awesome, Festival Brides! This shoot is sincerely one of my favorites for so many reasons, so I just had to share more of this one. I created this shoot environment for the not so typical bride, and hoped to inspire brides to incorporate their personality, hobbies, and a non-traditional […]

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