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In an instant—everything changed.

In an instant—everything changed.

I woke up on the morning of rehearsal day for our June wedding and something just felt off. I couldn’t point out what it was, but whatever it was didn’t feel normal. I decided to take a pregnancy test and there it was. Those two blue lines popped up positive and I knew my life in that very moment had changed forever. What was to come though, I never could have predicted. 

I never could have predicted how having my son would effect my life:business balance. Lets face it, before he was born I was a straight up workaholic. And 14 months after his birth I am still finding the balance between being a business owner and a mom. I am so unbelievably passionate about both I sincerely find it the hardest thing on the plant to turn off my business brain. Or my mom brain. But the truth is, becoming a mom has made me a better business owner in a way I really didn’t know was possible. The constant need to structure my time has forced me into some incredible work habits. Finding my why and saying no. Yes you read that right, saying no.

No has become my favorite word throughout the last 24 months of my life. Why? Because the moment I say yes to the things I am not called to do, the more I am saying no to where I should be. It has given me the opportunity to sit down and ask myself “How am I serving by saying yes to this?” Whether it is a client, an education opportunity, an editorial, a lunch date with a vendor friend. How is this serving my business growth? How is this serving my clients? How is this serving my students? How is this serving my family? If I can’t answer honestly and truthfully, the answer simply has to be no. Saying no to a number of things has lead me exactly where I am now. Speaking to my tribe from an honest and truthful place of experience. It has lead me to serving my clients and students the best of myself and leaving nothing behind. It has lead me to creating an education program that is going to move mountains in the wedding industry. And if you are here now, it has lead me to you.

So today I challenge you to ask yourself why you are saying yes to the things in your life and business.

I’ve developed a simple and easy tool to help you figure out your why, how to make the best of your time, and define where you should be focusing. Don’t worry, it is totally free. No strings attached! Lets find your why and make the most of this life of yours, friend. Simply sign up for our email list and it will flow right to your precious inbox. I can’t wait to see where this take you, friend.

April 14, 2020


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