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Allie & Tyler

Allie and Tyler, oh where do I even begin? These two are a little fairytale that I completely fell in love with from the first time I spoke with them. When I first met Allie in my studio with her mom, we dove right into all the details they wanted for the big day at Whitehall in Annapolis next June. Pops of peach, lush foliage, sailcloth tents and plush lounges are just some of the details that we began talking about and I knew it was meant to be right then and there! And of course, their love story. They are young, in love, and probably the cutest couple to be around. They truly enjoy each others company, and that is what is all about. Krista and Davey Jones captured their engagement session so perfectly in Annapolis, and I know you are going to love them as much as I do.

From the bride

Our first date was at the Starbucks at city dock on a cold January night. Tyler was a sophomore or a youngster at the naval academy so we decided to meet up pretty late, once he was allowed out. Though we both arrived at Starbucks with the intention of getting coffee or hot chocolate, we were both so nervous we forgot to even order a drink… Eventually, the Starbucks baristas asked us to leave, as they were closing up and we hadn’t even ordered anything. At this point, almost all the restaurants and shops had closed and Tyler and I, having nowhere to go to in order to continue our ill planned date, found ourselves walking to a park by my house, Duck Park. Here, we sat in the cold by the water for over an hour, telling each other stories about our families and about our time in high school a couple of years prior. As our luck that night had it, eventually it started to downpour and Tyler decided to walk me home, where he unexpectedly met my mom! Though we look back at this night as a kind of awkward and kind of laughable date, it was the first of many to come. Fast forward a year and a half, Tyler and I found ourselves at the same park by the water where we had a good part of our first date. Here, Tyler got down on one knee and proposed to me! Words can’t describe how excited and how happy we are to continue our journey together and to get married!

August 22, 2017


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