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Hi, I'm Adriana and welcome to my blog. I am an Annapolis, MD based wedding planner. Stop by and stay a while to see some of my fun and heartfelt weddings, editorials, planning tips, and more!

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AME Brides

AME Bride: Amelia

I am so excited to introduce you to AME bride and one of my dear friends, Amelia and her fiancé Jacob! Amelia and I have actually known each other since the 4th grade and went to school together till we graduated high school. We lived only a few miles apart and carpooled each other to school till we were old enough to drive ourselves. And now, I have the honor of helping her plan her dream wedding with her dream guy!! These two are the sweetest, and I am so happy to call them friends. Their engagement session by the talented Liz Forgarty is by far one of my favorites and man oh man, are they going to be a gorgeous bride and groom in October.

From the bride:

We met in February of 2012, in College Park, Maryland while we were both attending UMD. Introduced by friends, we met and socialized a few times before our “first date,” which consisted of a pancake dinner with our friends at Amelia’s college apartment. Super romantic, we know.

We bought our first home together in November of 2014; a place that we were fortunate enough to make our own, from top to bottom. The whole “making our own” process took about 9 weeks, which meant we missed spending our first Christmas as homeowners in our home. Fast forward to the following year, the holidays fast approaching, Sneaky Jacob told no one he had been doing some special shopping…

A Friday night in December of 2015, Jacob told me we were going to dinner with his parents, giving me a good reason to get home from work (late) and get ready (quickly). Assuming that Jacob was pacing out of impatience, I was very surprised when he got down on his knee next to our very first Christmas tree and asked me to spend my life with him. After some tears, hugs, and a shot of whiskey, Jacob told me that his parents were not coming to dinner. Within moments, a limo pulled up and took us to an amazing dinner at the Severn Inn in Annapolis.

We waited until the following day to begin telling our friends and family. With happy hearts, champagne headaches, and the biggest smiles, we made more phone calls in one day than we ever had before!

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June 22, 2016


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